Case Management

Community Rehabilitation Management Ltd provides case management and medico legal services.

All of our individual support packages are overseen and managed by a nominated case manager.

Our case managers will meet and build a working relationship with each client and their families. Their care, support and rehabilitation package will be determined from assessment and the direct wishes of the client and family.

Our case managers will introduce, instruct and work alongside other rehabilitation professionals, eg: Neurophyscologists, Occupational Therapists, SaLT, Neuro Phsyiotherapists and Physiotherapists dependent upon identified client need.

What is case management?   “Case management is a collaborative process which: assesses, plans, implements, co-ordinates, monitors and evaluates the options and services required to meet an individual’s health, social care, educational and employment needs, using communication and available resources to promote quality cost effective outcomes”  CMSUK (2015)

The case management process is the co-ordination of rehabilitation, care and support of people with complex and clinical needs.

CRM Ltd offers a collaborative, client centric approach acknowledging and respecting individuality and providing exceptional, tailored care packages that are cost effective and successful in both facilitating independence and improving quality of life.

Our experienced case managers assess the needs of the client and their families and identify relevant and cost effective resources; an individual support package is prepared and implemented obtaining maximum benefit for the client, the family and the budget holder.  The case manager co-ordinates all aspects of the plan working with neuro physiotherapists, SaLT, occupational therapists, neuropsychologists and any other identified professional.  The plan typically follows these steps:

1.  Assessment

Relevant information is gathered from a range of sources including the individual and their family and appropriate specialists. Cognitive, social, emotional and physical needs are assessed giving a picture of the individual’s personal circumstances and how their independence, personal safety, social life, relationships, finances and vocational opportunities may be affected.

2.  Planning

In order to deliver a cost effective and successful care package, we will, in association with all appropriate persons, set out a tailored plan addressing guidance, support and rehabilitation goals whilst co-ordinating expert opinion with therapy during any ongoing litigation.  Recruitment processes will be collaborative and advocacy issues will be addressed at this stage.

3.  Implementation

All plans are regularly reviewed with the case manager preparing and maintaining reports and records to monitor progress and ensure that the care provided is appropriate.  All our care teams, unless otherwise instructed by our client are employed by CRM Ltd and are hand picked to ensure our standards are met at all times.  Our duty of care to our clients is to ensure that the appropriate services are accessed and that continuity and consistency of support are developed and maintained.  This is backed up with a 24 hour on-call system which is available every day of the year – we are always there. We will mediate on your behalf and always listen to our clients and their families.

We will co-ordinate health, rehabilitation, social services and voluntary agencies to ensure the necessary level of care is provided and review and monitor the programme as required.

4.  Ongoing case management

Case management is a long term service with continued input and support which may include the following:

  • Support in independent and daily living requirements
  • Support in finding suitable accommodation and any adaptation requirements
  • Help and support to achieve goals and regain skills
  • Support in hobbies/interests and aspirations
  • Support with appointments and hospital visits
  • Support with therapy and programs
  • Support in relationships and social behaviour
  • Support in educational and employment needs
  • Help with planning and arranging holidays
  • Help with arranging/organising special events
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