Basic Save a Life Training

This is the shortest first aid course offered.  It covers key adult life-saving skills and provides an opportunity to practice your newly acquired skills.  It is ideal for members of the public that may not need these skills as part of their work life.

Who should attend?

Those looking for a quick introduction to basic, first aid skills

Course content

  • Respond to the needs of unconscious casualties.
  • Includes placing an unconscious person in the recovery position.
  • Perform cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • Participants will be taught how to lift the chin to open the airway, give effective rescue breaths and perform chest compressions.  All learners will be given the opportunity to practice their skills on a resuscitation manikin.
  • Choking – participants will learn how to deal with mild and severe choking for adults


Three hours


£30.00 per person

Assessment and certification

Continuous assessment by the course trainer.  All delegates receive a Certificate of Attendance.