Why choose us?

We know that this time can be overwhelming with decisions that, sometimes very quickly, have to be made.  At CRM Ltd we provide a personal service that will, at all times, consider the needs and concerns of all the affected and involved parties; we listen and we deliver.

Our staff are dedicated, well trained and experienced and have the personal and professional skills to optimise outcomes with proven track records.  You will know who you are dealing with at all times; we are available 24 hours a day through our out-of-office on-call telephone service every day of the year to give you help and support when you need it.

We provide a one-stop service that will help ease some of your worries and immediate needs; our experienced case managers will explain each step to ensure that everyone understands exactly what is happening at every stage.  Our staff are used to dealing with all the professionals that potentially will need to be involved and have the skills and experience to make these necessary processes as smooth as possible.

At CRM Ltd we pride ourselves on innovative and creative practice that reaches out to each client and helps them realise their best achievable outcomes, reaching life goals and enjoying the best potential quality of life.